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Departments of San Andreas Roleplay
  • San Andreas Fire & Rescue

    Honor | Integrity | Respect | Bravery

    SAFR also known as SAFD is San Andreas' Fire Department. All of our members work day and night to assure safety within the State of San Andreas. We also have a couple of special divisions you can join. An example of a division is AMR, also known as Air Marine Rescue which includes water rescues and special rescue operations with our helicopters. SAFR also includes Medical. This means that when you join SAFR, you are also a Paramedic/EMT. We have a active command/supervisor team that can help you with all your questions. We hope to see you in our department very soon.


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  • Chain of Command

    Fire Chief Rossi Martini
    Assistant Fire Chief Jamar Walker
    Battalion Chief Henry Foster
    Battalion Chief Carlos Rodrigo




    Senior Fire Fighter
    Fire Fighter

    Probationary Fire Fighter
    Fire Cadet

  • Sub Divisions

    Air Marine Rescue


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